Drive More

Take a vanpool to work, and save money, stress and your carbon footprint! Just meet fellow commuters (6-15 people) at a designated spot, leave your car and sleep, read, talk or relax on your ride to work. A fixed low monthly fare, based on roundtrip mileage, covers the van, insurance, fuel, tolls, maintenance, and 24-hour roadside assistance. And it’s safe. We work with you and your employer to form the vanpools, identify, screen and train the driver(s), orient riders, select routes and times, and answer your questions. Vanpool riders whose employers participate in the Commuter Tax Benefit program also can qualify for the very attractive pre-tax benefit of $230 per month for vanpool fares and parking. What’s more, your commitment to the vanpool is on a month-to-month basis; no long-term commitment is required. Vanpooling – it’s easy, safe, flexible, saves times and money, and helps improve the environment!

Vanpool or Cashpool
It's both! If you commute 55 miles each day, you may be able to save as much as $300
per month or more by vanpooling in an
Easy Street NY van!* Estimate your commute savings now!
Beat The Traffic
Why not battle traffic by jumping in a vanpool? You'll have extra time to read, sleep, catch up on the news, or sit back and relax when you ride rather than drive!